RUKUNGIRI: Minister Jim Muhwezi embarks on fight to ensure food security, donates maize seeds to constituents


The Rujumbura County Member of Parliament and Security Minister, Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi, has distributed 2,500kg (2.5 tons) of maize seeds to his constituents for planting this season as part of the struggle for food security.

As of September 19, 2023, the maize seeds had been distributed to the Sub Counties of Buhunga and Ruhinda.

Today, September 20, 2023, Minister Jim Muhwezi’s ground representatives would deliver the maize seeds to residents of Bwambara and Bikurungu town council.

Yesterday, Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at Ruhinda Sub County headquarters, Mr. Geofrey Kyomukama, the Rukungiri district chairperson LC5, who represented Minister Jim Muhwezi, said that the distribution of the maize seeds is a part of Hon. Jim’s commitment to the community.

Indicating that the seeds are hybrid and would provide farmers with high yields, Kyomukama counseled the beneficiaries to make the most of the recent rains to plant the seeds and enjoy successful harvests.

He advised recipients not to sell or eat the provided maize seeds, but rather to plant them to achieve the desired result.


Mrs. Hellen Kabajungu, the chairperson Ruhinda Sub County said that 35Okg donation of maize from Jim Muhwezi would help her community’s food basket, enabling farmers to feed themselves and their communities.

She complimented Minister Muhwezi for responding to farmers in a timely manner and said that farmers will now plant earlier, opposed to the past when leaders would give out seeds after planting season.

Minister Muhwezi’s collaboration with other leaders has facilitated growth and calm in the Rukungiri district, which has been praised by Kabajungu.


In addition to other social services, Lillian Kenyina, one of the beneficiaries and a resident of Kakooma village in Burombe parish, Ruhinda Sub County, praised Hon. Jim Muhwezi for his selfless efforts in distributing seeds each planting season promising to assist him in 2026.

The Kicwamba parish residents Twinamatsiko John and Twongyirwe Jolly pledged to plant the given maize seeds in a timely manner so that they can produce more in the future.