Transformer cadre’s association president wants NRM electoral constitution amendment


The head of the Transformer Cadres Association, Felix Adupa Ongwec, wants the National Resistance Party’s electoral rules changed to just allow voting for the regional vice chair and not to allow anyone else to vote in the election. 

Aduwa recently told this website that he wants this constitution to be changed before the election of the new regional vice chair because he is interested in running for the job. 

He continued by saying that there was no justification for national voting given that the post was for a specific region, and the winner would represent that region.

“If the person is elected to represent the region, why should we vote countrywide? There is no reason for the election of the regional vice chair to be done like the way it is. I think this constitution should be amended and the voting process be given to the people in the region” Adupa suggested.

He however said that they are still waiting for the official communication from the NRM secretariats about the election of the Northern Uganda NRM regional vice chair but confirmed his interest in the position saying that despite not amending the constitution he will still run for the position.

“But even if they don’t amend the constitution I will still run for this position. I am more than ready, only waiting for official communication from the NRM secretariats on when the election will take place” Adupa added.

Hon. Judith Alyek, a woman member of parliament for Kole District and also the chairperson Lango parliamentary group who has also shown interest in vying for the same position said the delays of the party to replace the position has affected NRM ideology and also political performance in the region.

She however disagrees with the suggestion that the electoral constitution be amended and allows only voting at only the regional level and stop nationwide election adding that the function of regional decision making is done nationally.

Alyek said she will not go above the electoral commission policy if the party decides to amend the constitution then she will have no option.

“The delay of replacing the regional vice chair position has affected so much the political performance of NRM party politics and implementation of NRM ideology. On amendment of the electoral constitution I don’t see any problem with the current constitution. This is done nationwide since the decision that requires the Vice Chair is done nationally but if the party comes out to amend I will also not have any problem” Alyek said.

This was seen recently in the Oyam north by-election where for the first time in decades the Party has lost an election.

Attempt to get comment from Hon Minister Betreace Anywar was however futile by press time since her known telephone contact went through unanswered. 

When contacted about the process, Hon. Richard Todwong, the NRM party secretary general said the process will still start with updating the party register which requires a lot of funding but said they will start the process immediately if they acquire funds.

Todwong said immediately if they acquire funds they will send the communication to the party members.

“Not yet we still don’t have the funds to organize the election and the process will start by updating the party register but all this needs money that we still don’t have but immediately we acquire the money we shall start the process straight away” Todwong replied.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng the minister for health, Hon. Judith Alyek the chairperson LPG, Felix Adupa Ongwec president transformer cadres association, Betreace Anywar, Ziggler Bobson Ojede, Dan Kidega among others have expressed their interest in vying for the position.  

The position of NRM northern vice chair remained vacant since March 2022 following the death former speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah.