FEAR! CID orders cleanup of VIP cells as MPs face arrest


The Criminal Investigations Department has instructed Kira Police Station to “clean up cells for VIPs” in light of the corruption allegations that might result in the arrest of lawmakers and Parliament employees.

At a gathering of his detectives in Kibuli over the weekend, CID director Tom Magambo said that suspects from Parliament will be processed for imprisonment.

According to reports, Mr. Magambo followed President Museveni’s instructions to record statements from the suspects whose identities he withheld during the meeting.

“That is what the director communicated in today’s meeting,” a source told the Nile Post on Friday. “He told the CID Kira to clean up his cells for VIPs next week.”

But according to sources within Parliament, at least two Members of Parliament and three other people recorded statements on Friday about claims that they had taken money from the public coffers in an unlawful manner.

It is believed that more MPs and representatives of the Finance Ministry and Parliament would be subject to CID as of right now.

Social media activists’ disclosures that billions of shillings were being disbursed irregularly in per diem and corporate social responsibility have put Parliament at the center of accusations of egregious corruption and misuse of taxpayer funds.

The corruption allegations got more damning with revelations that four back bench Parliamentary Commissioners shared Shs1.7 billion among themselves under the so-called service award that they negotiated.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga denies summons

However, today Monday, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga denied any official had been summoned to appear at CID for grilling.

“I know there is a lot of debate about the recent state of nation address by president where he indicated he had interested himself at some of the dealings at Ministry of Finance and parliament,” Enanga said when asked to comment about the matter.

“We don’t have any confirmation from CID about having summoned any ministry of finance and parliament officials

“Investigation is a process and if we get information supporting summoning of any witness, we shall tell the public. You can even approach those named on social media to get comments from them to find out if subject of information or not.”

Asked about the heavy police deployment at CID headquarters, Enanga described it as a routine.

“CID is guarded by VIP protection unit and it continues to happen as the security arrangement there.”