FEAR! Security guard beaten by unknown assailants, gun stolen in Rukungiri


An unidentified group of individuals assaulted, injured, and took a gun from a 59-year-old security guard working for Millennium Security Company Ltd. in Rukungiri District on Thursday night.

At 1:00 in the morning, Erigio Mugyenyi, the victim, was working at Bwangu Investment Mukwano Depot in the Rukungiri municipality.

Mugyenyi sustained injuries after being hit on the head many times by a heavy stone during the attack.

Mugyenyi’s pump action gun, designated UG PSO 07318-03821, and one cartridge of ammo were also taken by the attacker and after, Mugyenyi passed out and became lost in thought.

While keeping watch nearby, his coworker Besima Pancrasio saw him wobble up the road, his clothes smeared with blood.

Besima was worried and asked Mugyenyi about the event; he said that he had been beaten.

When questioned where he had left the rifle, Mugyenyi said that he had been resting there and had covered it with a box.

Mugyenyi was immediately taken to Case Clinic by Besima for first assistance.  Besima searched everywhere, but he was unable to find the lost gun. He notified their manager, Eria Tumwesigye, who forwarded the information to the Rukungiri Central Police station so that appropriate action could be taken.

The Kigezi area police spokesperson, Elly Maate, gave specifics about the inquiry.

Mugyenyi’s narrative was among the pertinent comments that were thoroughly captured during the visitation and documentation of the crime scene. As evidence, the police retrieved a large stone that had bloodstains on it, a headdress, and a black rucksack.

Maate claims that Mugyenyi’s remark implied that someone identified themselves as an employee of Millennium Security Company Ltd., based in Ishaka Bushenyi, during his patrol.

When Mugyenyi slept for a while, the guy who had asked to stay the night attacked him. Authorities have reason to believe that this person was involved in both the gun theft and the attack.

Maate affirmed that the stolen gun is being recovered through ongoing investigations.