HORROR! Children Murders biological father in Lira City


In connection with the killing of Alfred Ogwang, a resident of Okwor-Okwor Cell, Burlobo Ward, Lira East Division in Lira City, police in that city have detained four suspects.

According to reports, Joshua Apita and his wife Filly Awor got into a quarrel on August 20, 2023, at approximately 11:00pm. The now-deceased Ogwang allegedly rushed to settle the conflict.

Apita’s father, Ogwang, was reportedly struck with a club and a hand hoe when the latter and other children rebelled against him, according to the preliminary investigation.

They dropped the elderly man’s dead corpse into a nearby pit where builders had dug murrum in an effort to obliterate the evidence.

Upon visiting the crime scene with a group of police officers, Lira-City CPS notified the police and a case file of murder was registered.

SP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the spokesman for North Kyoga Regional police said that the body was picked up and sent to the morgue of Lira Regional Referral Hospital where it was waiting for a postmortem before being taken to the clan for burial.

The four suspects were named by Okema as Apita Joshua, Aluri Dickens, Awor Filly, and Abeja Scovia.

Joshua is also suspected of being an opium user.

The incident has been utilized by the police to warn couples to always respect elders and refrain from such illegal activity.