Journalist who was assaulted by pastor’s wife finally gets justice


Fort portal journalist attached to voice of Tooro that was assaulted by pastor’s wife five years ago has finally received justice in courts of law.

Court led by a grade one magistrate at fort portal court William Muwonge heard that in december 2018, Superior Bugaga was assaulted by Jerusarem miracle centre in bukwali’s church members while executing his work of duty and was able to identify its senior pastor Dan Mubiru Nkoojo’s wife Stellah Kisembo commonly known as challenger.

Court also had that during the scuffle, Mugaga lost his teeth, a phone and other equipment he had by himself.

Early this week, Stellah’s bail was counseled and had to sleep in Katojo prisons until yesterday when she appeared for final judgment.

Before reading the final judgment, Victor Businge the defendant’s lawyer requested for a lenient sentence or punishment since Stellah was the first convict and a mother of three young children who needed her care.

Victor also pleaded that since the victim did not present any hospital receipts showing how she spent on treatment as evidence, it should not be taken in for compensation.


 Giving his final judgement, Muwonge said that its defender’s right to get a lenient punishment as requested by Lawyer Businge and being the first convict.

Muwonge said that since its only the phone that was brought to police as exhibit, Superior should file a civil case within two weeks to get compensated for other equipments he lost during the scuffle.

Challenger was told to pay a fee of 400,00 or else be imprisoned for three months.