JUST IN! Bobi Wine to be arrested and charged over sectarianism


The National Unity Platform Principal Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine will be arrested and charged with sectarianism talk following the recent comments in Luweero during his nationwide mobilization.

While in Luweero, Kyagulanyi said that Uganda is being ruled by a small group of people that is Museveni, his family and relatives who look at Baganda people as a curse in their own land.

Police have said Kyagulanyi is going to be investigated for making such comments publicly.

“Such comments normally attract the attention of any investigative body. Once the facts are gathered and analysed by our teams, the opinion of the DPP will be sought to guide on any further action,” Director of CID, Tom Magambo, said.

“Uganda is being ruled by a group of small people who are controlling everything. These are the people who have enslaved us on our own land. I need to tell you these things because I am taking on the responsibility to make you people aware of the truth. What is sad is that the Museveni regime is using fellow Baganda to oppress the Baganda,” Bobi Wine said.

“They openly practice tribalism & nepotism in every sphere and institution, but they’re not ashamed to blame those who expose it and call them out. What a bunch of hypocrites!” Bobi Wine accused.

“Fellow Baganda, who bewitched us? Museveni thinks he is going to build a dynasty on the land of our ancestors in Buganda. Over my dead body, that will not happen,” he added.

He is today expected to head to Hoima and extend his message to the supporters.