JUST IN! Four Police officers dismissed, charged over robbery of Ugx. 100M

Uganda Police Spokesperson

Fred Enanaga the police spokesperson says the four officers, recently robbed a Kenyan investor $ 30000 worth shs 100m.

Enanga says the investor was residing at Royal View Hotel in Buziga a Kampala suburb.

The investor Muhammad Ollah, while at the hotel asked the manager to help him and get a good Forex Bureau with good values. “The manager gave him one okello to help him,” Says Enanga. He added that Okello later gave a deal to Amongi Phionah who also brought it other three officers in the deal.

“The group came at the hotel, put the investor on gun point, forced him to enter the car and was brought to one of the hotels near Kabalagala police and was robbed,” Says Enanga adding that he was later dumped in the hotel garden.

Enanga says the case was later reported and a search was conducted and some money exhibits were recovered. “We charged them with discreditable conducts which carries a punishment of dismissal from the force,” he says.