JUST IN! Rukungiri DRDC Ongom orders arrest of Bwambara Parish chief over PDM funds


NEWS-The Rukungiri Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC) Ahimbisibwe Wilberforce Ongom has ordered the arrest of Bwambara Parish Chief in Bwambara Sub County who is accused of obtaining money by false pretense from beneficiaries of the Parish Development Model.

Byoona Timothy the Bwambara Parish chief allegedly collected money from the community for services that are supposed to be free under PDM.

The Bwambara police and the GISO were tasked by DRDC Ongom to look into the incident and see that the guilty party is brought to justice.

Ongom revealed that he received numerous complaints from the public accusing Byoona Timothy of using to obtain money ranging from Ugx. 100.000 to Ugx. 200.000 before approving them to receive PDM funds.

Mr. Ongom made the directive during the stakeholders community sensitization held at Bwambara Sub County headquarters yesterday Monday.

He said how this compelled him to speak with the community, who also claimed that the Parish Development Model was not beneficial to them because most of them had failed to assist authorities who demanded high quantities of money in the sub County.

All of the sub county leaders were expected to attend the meeting, but the Bwambara Parish chief, Mr. Timothy Byoona, chose not to go since he had received information suggesting that he may be detained.

“In Bwambara here, as per the intelligence report, parish chiefs have now resorted to extorting money from groups who are organizing themselves to benefit from PDM, a move that has started discouraging people from the programme,” Mr Ongom said.

Cue in………DRDCV ONGOM………….

The Bwambara chairperson Lc3, Mr. Chris Kagayano, confirmed the irregularities in the PDM implementation, claiming that he had already advised his sub County employees to carry out their duties as government employees rather than soliciting money under false pretenses, which could result in their imprisonment.


Byoona Timothy, when reached for comment through phone, rejected the claims, revealing that he never asked money from PDM recipients and that politicians are trying to destroy his reputation.