KABALE! Parish chief arrested for wiring PDM funds to ghost beneficiary


KABALE-Sylvia Ekyasimire, the parish chief of Buranga Parish in Kamuganguzi sub-county, was ordered to be arrested yesterday by Kabale Resident District Commissioner Godfrey for wiring a non-resident of Nyarubira village in Buranga Parish in Kamuganguzi sub-county Kabale district one million shillings from Parish Development Model Funds (PDM).

In a special meeting that was held in the office of the Resident District Commissioner in Kabale district headquarters in Kabale municipality, Nyakahuma disclosed that Ekyasimire wired one million shillings in Parish Development Model Funds (PDM) to a centenary bank account with the account number 3202720841 in the name of Sarah Akamukama, who it was later discovered does not live in any of the villages in Kamuganguzi sub-county.

The meeting was held by the Nyarubira Goat Keeping Group on April 7, 2023, and the minutes were approved by Wednesday, according to information provided by Ruben Mutabazi, the district’s internal security officer (DISO), who was present at the meeting along with Nyakahuma and his deputy resident district commissioner Ronald Bakaki.

Ekyasimire defended herself by telling the gathering that locals had produced the beneficiary list but that Janet Amwiine, another beneficiary, didn’t have a phone, so they had to find someone else and eventually reached Sarah Akamukama via phone.

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When Ekyasimire saw the police officers waiting to pick her up from the office, she begged RDC Nyakahuma’s forgiveness, admitting that the money had been given to her unnamed elder sister instead of her intended recipient in order to assist her during the time when she lost her husband.

Nyakahuma overruled her, saying that anyone who is planning to make the same mistakes should take her example because the implementation of Parish Development

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Last Friday, September 22, 2023, Kabale Resident District Commissioner Godfrey Nyakahuma also issued an arrest warrant for both Scorah Tumwesigye, the community development officer for the Buhara sub county, and Jill Andinda, the community development officer for the Kyanamira sub county, on charges that they had mismanaged Parish Development Model Funds (PDM) by failing to distribute money to the intended recipients, even though households with civil servants, retirees