KISORO! Two youths jailed 25 years for killing 60-year old man


The Kabale High court sitting in Kisoro district has today sentenced two youths in their early ages of 30 to 25 years imprisonment on conviction of a joint murder case.

The convicts are Habumugisha Gilbert and Hakizimana Innocent, residents of Rubarakono village, Gasiza parish in Nyakabande Sub County.

The two are convicted of killing a 60 year old, Harerimana Jackson on 10th June 2019 by waylaying him and hit him with a stone that deeply cut his head.

Prosecution states that Harerimana Jackson is a biological father to one of the Convicts, Habumugisha Gilbert and a resident of the same place.

It adds that the two were arrested by police under the help of a sniffer dog, Rigo.

Court led by Hon. Justice Emokor Samuel, the Resident Judge of the Kabale high court circuit said that the evidence produced against the convicts by the prosecution were sufficient enough to place the two convicts on the scene of crime.

Prosecution prayed that the two be sentenced to 35 years as a deterrent message to the community because similar cases are rampant in the district.

The defence council pleaded for lenience because the convicts are still young, have families to take care of and can become reasonable citizens in future.

The Resident Judge, Hon. Emokor noted that the convicts should not plead for leniency because they want to take care of their families because they did not consider the family of the deceased by the time of killing him.

He gave them a custodial sentence of 25 years in prison but deducted 4 years and 2 months that they have spent in prison.