Kwania District vehicle impounded over forged number plate


Kwania District LCV Chairman and his executive are on the spot over allegations of embezzling 18 Million shillings meant to process new registration of a number Plate for a vehicle donated by United State Agency for International Development-USAID.

The vehicle was donated by USAID to the health department of Kwania district in 2023.

Kwania District council had approved 18 Million shillings supplementary budget in the FY 2022/23 and asked the district chairman and his executive to work with the district health officer and CAO to process a new number plate for the vehicle.

However, last week the same vehicle was impounded by police over use of fake number plate.

North Kyoga regional police spokesperson SP Jimmy Patrick Okema confirmed that the vehicle registration number UG 2320R was impounded over use of fake number plate.

Geoffrey Eling Owera the vice chairman of Kwania district told a recent council meeting that the money allocated for changing the vehicle number plate was increased.

James Okol the district male youth councilor and Tony Eron ,the councilor of Nambeso told a council meeting last year that he was not satisfied with the report tabled before council by  the leader of government business about the vehicle.

George KK Akaca another councilor said 18 million shillings was approved by council for the number plate of this vehicle and the district chairman promised to follow up on the same.

Geoffrey Alex Ogwal Adyebo, the LCV chairman of Kwania said he has not got information about the issue of this vehicle’s number plate, adding that 18 million shillings was not allocated for processing the number plate, but the money was supposed to the allocated in the next financial year budget.