Ntungamo RDC faces jail over theft, house breaking

Mucunguzi Geofrey RDC NTUNGAMO

The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Ntungamo District Mucunguzi Geofrey will soon be arrested, and prosecuted in courts of law after he was personally implicated in the theft and house breaking offences, thekigezipost.com has exclusively learnt.

According to information obtained by this website, Panicking RDC has already been charged with two counts of Theft and house breaking and has been summoned by Ntungamo Chief Magistrate to appear and face his charges.

“You are hereby commanded by the Uganda Government to appear before this court on 9th January to answer the said Charges,” Reads part of the criminal summons against RDC. The summons further state that “You have been charged with two offences of House breaking C/s (a) of PCA and Theft c/s (1) and 261,”.

The information which we have reliably established indicates that between October and December last year, RDC Mucunguzi was partially involved in land wrangles between one Stella who hails from Kabale and Deborah Kobusingye a resident of Kafunjo, Ruhaama in Ntungamo District.

In an interview with Kobusingye, she said he bought her land in 2020 and later on built her rentals to increase on her income.

She adds that in 2022 another woman from Kabale called Stella also came and claimed the same property without valid documents.

” When Stella claimed my properties I asked her to table valid documents and she failed but insisted that she will own that space,” Says Kobusingye during a telephone interview.

She adds that Stella rushed and complained to RDC over the issue. “RDC did not call me as the landlady to hear my side neither did he come on the ground to find the truth,” Adds Kobusingye.

She says that RDC wrote a letter ordering my tenants who include Natamba Yowasi to vaccate the premises such that they can be occupied by Stella.

“When i saw his letter, I went with my husband to his office with all documents and agreements showing that we own the place. When we entered his office, he said he does not want to see any document but he only want people to leave the places with immediate effect,” Reveals Kobusingye. She says later RDC ordered DPC to arrest all the tenants. “My tenants were arrested for over five days without trial which is against the law,” She says.

Kobusingye says on 5th December, RDC in the company of GISO and Chairman LCII came broke her house and took the properties of her tenant. “RDC himself came with a harmer and demolished my house, took away the properties of my tenant,” She said.