NWSC engineer arrested over theft of pipes worth Ugx. 100M


Ugx.100 million financial loss was caused by an officer of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) overseeing the Arua district.

The Inspectorate of Government said in a statement that Mr. Norman Ijuka was captured on January 3 after he had been evading capture.

“The Inspectorate of Government ordered the arrest of Mr Norman Ijuka for abuse and theft of public property, causing financial loss worth Shs100m,” a statement from the Ombudsman’s office reads.

Mr. Ijuka is charged with stealing water pipes intended for the Odupi water project in Omugo Sub-county, Terego District, according to the Ombudsman’s office.

Additionally, it is believed that he took Shs30 million worth of concrete blocks, iron bars, and various paints from the site where an office complex was being built for the Arua Area NWSC office.

The claims, which were initially made public by a whistleblower in December of last year, show that there is a scheme within the company to use government property “for personal enrichment.”

The thieves reportedly own illicit businesses where they keep stolen goods before selling them to private customers, some of whom are located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The accusations made against Mr. Ijuka, according to NWSC Managing Director Mr. Silver Mugisha, have already been looked into and resolved internally.

“We agreed in October as top management to carry out an investigation in that matter and a report was issued on January 3… The engineer was found culpable of stealing the pipes worth Shs76.5m. We are going to take action on the report,”Mr Mugisha said.