Police recover stolen gun in Rukungiri


On January 31, 2024, a stunning turn of events occurred when a watchful resident of Butagatsi cell, Kinyasano Ward, Rukungiri district, was instrumental in recovering a stolen handgun.

Around 1:50 PM, when the Good Samaritan was busy taking care of her garden, she discovered an unexpected find.

After noticing a gun hidden in a tiny shrub by the road from Kakabada to Farmers, behind the Rukungiri district office block, the worried resident quickly called the local police.

A group of police officers quickly responded to the call and arrived at the location to look into the situation.

When the law enforcement team arrived, they took careful notes on the incident and spoke with witnesses.

They were shocked to learn that the gun found had been the identical one that Mugyenyi Eligio had reported stolen on January 19, 2024.

Under case reference number CRB 061/2024, Mr. Eligio, a security guard employed by Millennium Security Ltd., had reported the theft of the firearm, which had the identifying number UG PSO -07318-03821.

The discovery of the gun has brought the ongoing police investigation into the original theft back into focus.

The police are putting a lot of effort into piecing together what happened before and after the gun vanished.

The Rukungiri district police reassured the public in a statement that investigations are still being conducted to find any possible links to illegal activity.

They also applauded the watchful neighbor for her prompt response, highlighting how crucial community involvement is to preserving public safety.

Residents are asked to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and to report it to the local authorities while the inquiry is ongoing.

To get further information that might help solve the case and apprehend the thieves, the seized firearm will be subjected to forensic examination.