RUKUNGIRI! Buyanja residents live in fear as theft of animals escalates, RDC Bewayo intervenes


Residents in villages of Rwenkurijo, Kafunjo and Kitanda in Buyanja Sub County Rukungiri district are spending sleepless nights over the rising cases of theft especially livestock.

The night and day thieves mainly target cattle, goats, pigs and household properties something that forced the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen to intervene and rescue residents.

RDC Bewayo convened a meeting to address the increasing insecurity in the area last week at Rwenkurijo Catholic Church which was attended by Crime Intelligence Officer Rukungiri central Police station SP. Himbisa Timothy Alfred, chairperson LC3 Buyanja Sub County Mr. Agaba Emmy Rubondo, OC Buyanja Police and the area residents.

Speaking during the meeting, Biryomumisho Alex the area chairperson LC1 Rwenkurijo cell said that many cows, pigs, hens, goats among other animals have so far been stolen since the beginning of this year, leaving farmers heartbroken as the animals are one of their major sources of livelihood.

Biryomumisho said that the growing theft of livestock and household properties is pushing his residents back to poverty urging government to intervene before situation gets worse.

He went on to say that the main reason of theft in the area is people’s laziness, who end up taking people’s property because they don’t want to work and earn money to support themselves.

Biryomumisho also attributed the rise in crime in their community on young people who spend a lot of time gambling.

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Mary Kemirembe, Komugabe Scovia and Asasiira Isaac some of the residents said that several people have abandoned the rearing of livestock since they fear losing them to thieves.

Locals also mentioned that some of parents have not done their part to instill values in their children, which has a significant negative impact on the rise in crime in the neighborhood.

These are now requesting that the government impose severe penalties on offenders in the event that they are apprehended.


But according to Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen, inadequate childrearing by parents is the root cause of the high crime rate in the area urging the community to work together and adopt communal parenting techniques.

RDC Bewayo went on to advise individuals to stay away from peer networks that ultimately led them to commit crimes.

He gave locals the assurance that they will constantly conduct routine patrols as part of their security measures in an effort to deter local criminals.

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The Rukungiri Crime Intelligence Officer SP. Himbisa Timothy Alfred urged locals to pursue their cases in court if a suspect is detained, as this will help lessen the number of crimes committed in their community.