RUKUNGIRI! Issues of Ruhinda escalates, residents to sue environment and water officers, LC3 chairperson and GISO


Over 300 residents of Ruhinda Sub County in Rukungiri district, residing in the Parishes of Kicwamba, Rwamugoma, Burombe, and Ndere, have chosen to file a lawsuit against the Rukungiri district Water and Environment officers, Ruhinda chairperson LC3 and GISO for unlawful land demarcations and property destruction that occurred during the operation to restore wetlands.

On behalf of their clients, they announced that they had chosen to suit Mrs. Calorine Mbabazi, the senior environment officer for the Rukungiri district, Eng. Deus Twekwase, Hellen Kabajungu the chairperson Lc3 and GISO Ruhinda Sub County Mr. Bindeeba Moses through the legal Firm of Arineitwe Peter and Advocates, which is headed by Arineitwe Peter, the managing partner.

Locals accuse law enforcement authorities from the water and environmental departments, led by Twekwase Deus and Calorine Mbabazi, of organizing what they describe as an illegal and brutal eviction, according to Arineitwe, who spoke exclusively with our reporter yesterday.

Council Arineitwe Peter speaking to media

They blame Twekwase Deus, Bindeeba Moses, Hellen Kabajungu, Calorine Mbabazi, and Twekwase Deus for utterly destroying their possessions.

In an effort to restore the district’s damaged wetlands, the Rukungiri district environment office, with the police’s support, demolished agricultural gardens and tree plantings early last week in the parishes of Burombe, Rwamugoma, Kicwamba, and certain sections of Ndere in Ruhinda Sub County Rukungiri.

However, the clearance of more than 200 acres of gardens, including sugarcane, beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, coffee, and banana plantations, had an adverse effect on more than 300 residences during the operation.

Through their lawyer, the victims have now confirmed that, in light of the NEMA authorities’ confirmation that they are unaware of the operation in Ruhinda Sub County; they must individually sue the Rukungiri District Water and Environment Officers, Ruhinda Sub County Chairperson LC3, and GISO.

Cue in………..LAWYER ONE………….

Through their lawyer Arineitwe Peter, the victims clarified that they, as the firm, had written to the district authorities asking them to provide further information and an explanation regarding the actions taken in Ruhinda during the wetlands restoration process and they had remained silent an indication that these actions were taken by individuals who were breaking the law.

Arinitwe went on to say that someone’s property is protected by the constitution and that no one should meddle with it without paying recompense, even if it is government.

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In the meantime, Wilberforce Ahimbisibwe Ongom, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner Rukungiri, denounced the actions taken by the lawyer in the case, stating that locals shouldn’t draw their attention to him since he might be trying to get money from them.

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