Rukungiri private clinic nurse expelled from village over witchcraft


Residents and local leaders of Omukarere Ruruku Trading Centre, Kagarama Parish, Western Division in Rukungiri Municipality have expelled a woman in her 40’s identified as Nabatoro Jackline claiming she was practicing witchcraft and causing insecurity in the area.

She was accompanied by the authorities from Rukungiri Central Police Station (CPS) to pack his possessions today, Thursday, November 2, 2023, as they were protecting her from being lynched by the angry locals.

The story began when Mr. Tumuramye Ivan, a cleaner at KK Kindergarten Nursery and Primary School in the same neighborhood, was approached by Nabatoro (the accused), the owner of a private clinic in Omukarere Trading Center, and asked him to get a list of the names of primary seven pupils and provide it to her.

Nabatoro said she planned to take the names to a witch doctor in Kampala to guarantee the failure of the primary seven pupils when the cleaner asked why she was gathering the names.

Since she and the head teacher were well-known rivals, it is said that her goal was to have the head teacher fired.

After Tumuramye “cleaner” told the headmaster about Nabatoro’s desire, she gave him a phone so he could record their talks.

In these recordings, Nabatoro was heard telling the cleaner to provide her the names of every kid in primary seven. She justified this by stating that she had a personal grudge against the head teacher and that she intended to undermine the pupils’ performance in order to put the head teacher’s employment in jeopardy.

In order to keep Nabatoro safe from being lynched by enraged locals, officials were compelled to step in and arrest her. She was then transported to the Rukungiri Central Police Station.

Following her apprehension, community leaders convened an inside meeting whereby they resolved to banish the Fort Portal-born lady from their village, given her prior involvement in similar crimes and repeated warnings.

On November 2, 2023, DPC Rukungiri district SSP Musa Tibakirana gave his officers instructions to accompany Nabatoro to her residence, retrieve her belongings, and leave the location where she nearly lived for fifteen years.

Speaking with our reporter, Mrs. Komugisha Stella, the head teacher of KK Kindergarten Nursery and Primary School, said that while everyone in the area, particularly the parents of this school, has been living in dread, they believe that things would settle down now that Nabatoro has been ejected.

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Harriet Tusingweire, the area resident of Omukarere described how people have become weary of Nabatoro’s behavior, citing the creation of her son through witchcraft as an example of how he is now living in an unusual circumstance.

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Muriisa God Kamiro Mayor Ruruku Trading Center Omukarere, in the meantime, stated that after a number of complaints from neighbors, particularly those regarding Nabatoro (the accused), they were compelled to step in and take her to police custody for safekeeping because the neighbors wanted to lynch her for allegedly witch crafting their children.

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Nonetheless, Mayor Muriisa commended DPC Rukungiri for the choice, stating that the Ruruku community as a whole and families would have murdered her if it hadn’t been addressed.

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