TERRIBLE! Engineer, two others found dead in septic tank


Residents of the Kampala city suburb of Komamboga Central Zone in Kawempe Division are shocked by the death of three individuals in a new septic tank, among them the site engineer, for unknown reasons.

Witnesses report that the three individuals appear to have perished while repairing the pipes of a recently installed septic tank on a building site. Around 11:00 am, according to the eyewitnesses, they believed they had suffocated in the bottom of the septic tank.

The chairperson of Komamboga Central, Noah Mukasa Sserumaga, stated that he had heard of a builder who went down into the septic tank to construct pipes but never came back.

In order to find out, his colleague likewise went inside the septic tank, but he never came out.

The site engineer entered the septic tank as well because of the two people’s circumstances, but he never came back.  A few shocked locals reported the murdered people were all recent arrivals to the area and only recognized James Ssaaka as the property owner.

After hours of fruitless waiting for a rescue team from Clock Tower, the headquarters of Fire and rescue Police services, a reaction team commanded by Kawempe District Police Commander Robert Kuzala removed the remains at about 2:00 pm.

According to Kuzala, investigations have begun to determine the true reason of this tragedy. Since then, while investigations get underway, police have blocked off the area and prohibited anybody from visiting it.

In an effort to save more lives, the locals pleaded with the police to station emergency rescue teams at each of their divisions.

While inquiries into the true cause of death are ongoing, the remains of the deceased have been sent to the municipal mortuary in Mulago for the post mortem findings.