TERRIBLE! Rukungiri Man hacks two people dead, three critically injured


Residents of Kyanika B village in Ndago Parish, Nyarushanje sub County in Rukungiri District, were left grieving following yesterday Friday night tragic incident that left two dead and three injured.

The victims were named by Kigezi Region Police spokesperson ASP. Elly Maate as 54 year-old Twesigye Harriet Jane and Aijuka, a 2-year-and-6-months old child to Akanyijuka Darius alias Budori.

Akanyijuka Adah, 22, Ayebazibwe Bibiana, 14, and Muhereza Ignitius, 10, all residents of Kyanika B cell, are the wounded people, Maate informed media.

Tabaruka Bruno is said to have been awakened throughout the night by the cries of Muhereza Ignitius, Ayebazibwe Bibiana, and Akanyijuka Adah when he was asleep in a different residence.

Elly Maate added that the man rushed to the site and saw the three victims bleeding within the complex.

Their terrifying story included an attack by their roommate, Akanyijuka Darius, also known as Budori.

Bruno entered the house and discovered Aijuka and Twesigye Harriet Jane dead in the same bedroom, and Budori badly injured and covered in blood in a separate room.

Maate continues, “Tabaruka immediately asked Chairperson LC1 Mugarura Francis, the local leader, for assistance.” Francis arranged for transportation to get the victims to Kisizi Hospital as soon as possible. The event was reported to the Rubabo Police station at the same time.

When police intervened, they discovered that the suspect, Akanyijuka Darius alias Budori, was in possession of a sharp panga that seemed to have bloodstains on it.

The crime scene was carefully investigated and documented by homicide detectives, D/soco, and D/CIO.

Witness testimonies were also recorded, and the deceased’s bodies were taken to the mortuary at Rwakabengo Health Center III for postmortem inspection.

In the meantime, Akanyijuka Darius, also known as Budori, was taken to Rwamahwa Health Center IV in serious condition.

A case numbering CRB 170/2023 has been filed at the Rubabo police station. It concerns the killing of two people and the attempted killing of three more.

Maate confessed told this reporter that investigations are still being conducted to determine what caused this unfortunate incident. As the inquiry develops, more details will be given.