THREAT! Unknown assailants hack young boy in Rukungiri


A young boy, between the ages of 13 and 15, was killed by unidentified assailants on Sunday during an ambush that took place in Kanyankyende village, Kashenyi, in Bugangari Sub County Rukungiri district.

Speaking with our reporter at the murder scene, local chairperson LC1, Mr. Habasa Wilbrod, verified the situation.

Speaking with our reporter, Habasa described how, at around noon today, received information from some locals that a young boy working as a casual laborer at the Rukirabashaija Didas family in the same neighborhood had been attacked by unidentified goons who fatally sliced his neck.

Habasa clarified that at the time of the Rakai district child’s death, he was occupied with another fellow boy grazing cows when attackers arrived, seized him, and fatally hacked him, but his companion managed to flee.

He continued by saying that, after learning of the incident, he went to the scene and, working with the locals, was able to recover the young man’s body from the river where he had been abandoned.

He then notified the authorities, and at the time this story was being covered, the locals were still in shock as they awaited the arrival of the police.

Cue in…….CHAIRMAN………….

After the occurrence, some of the locals spoke with our reporter and expressed their dismay, asking the police to conduct in-depth investigations so that those responsible are apprehended and penalized appropriately.