IMPROVING SERVICE DELIVERY: Counsel Isaac Atukunda launches construction of water springs in Rukungiri municipality


Counsel Isaac Atukunda who eyes for Rukungiri Municipality NRM chairmanship has launched the construction of six protected water springs in Rukungiri municipality to increase safe water coverage and scarcity in the area.

At least 10,000 households are expected to benefit from the six springs that were inaugurated on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, in three divisions of Rukungiri municipality, each receiving two water springs.

The communities of Katobo and Furuma in the western division, Kabumba and Katenga in the southern division, and Rwentondo in the eastern division of Rukungiri Municipality will all be the sites of the projects.

Speaking at the ceremony, Counsel Isaac Atukunda explained that he is returning home to help people and that the initiative will protect locals from health problems brought on by using contaminated water.

“The genesis of good health is the consumption of clean water. Implementation of this project is going to improve the health of the people of this area,” Counsel Isaac said.

Counsel Isaac disclosed that a large number of residents in Rukungiri municipality lack access to piped water, which compelled him to step in and create these protected water springs.

He went on to say that he is in favor of NRM governance and development and that, it is worthwhile to assist residents for development before asking them votes in an event that one want to run for office.


Counsel Isaac Atukunda, who is from Kyatooko in the Eastern division of Rukungiri municipality, discussed his potential to run for NRM leadership.

He stated that every Ugandan has the right to run for office in political parties, including the NRM, and that he will take up the NRM flag and represent the people of Rukungiri when they trust him with it in the near future.

He remarked that if leaders want to be trusted by those who have the power to reward them, they should work and voice the concerns of the people to the government.


A few leaders, such as Councilor Precious, who represents the Western division in Rukungiri district, stated that diseases and a lack of water were widespread in the area as a result of people using contaminated water and traveling great distances.

She expressed gratitude to Counsel Isaac for his intervention in saving the lives of the residents of the Rukungiri municipality.


Some residents of the Rwakatinduri Cell in the Rwentondo ward Eastern division, including Kebirungyi Olivia, Musasizi Robert, and Kobusingye Mary Kavuro, said that the coming of Counsel Isaac is a miracle to them because they did not anticipate such a service to occur in their area and that they would support him should he decide to contest.


Residents of Kabumba cell in Nyamayenje Southern division Rukungiri municipality, Musimenta Florence, Tukesiga Maurine, and Atukwase Jovitah, said that they were overlooked by leaders in terms of service delivery, and they expressed gratitude to Isaac for considering their need for safe and clean water.

Cue in………RESIDENTS KABUMBA………..    

For the project to proceed smoothly, Mr. Ngabirano Denis, the chairperson of LC3 Southern division, asked for cooperation from the locals and the laborers who would be constructing donated springs.

Ngabirano urged locals to quit following leaders who deny them services on the grounds that political parties label them as adversaries of the community.


Speaking with residents of Furuma in the Western Division of Rukungiri Municipality, however, they expressed concern that officials characterize them as non-residents of Rukungiri Municipality, leading to discrimination in terms of service delivery.

They cited the difficulty of delivering a patient to a medical facility because of inaccessible roads as one example.

In his response, Counsel Isaac contributed Ugx. 3M for fuelling a tractor to operate on their road in the answer.