ADF THREATS! Rukungiri RDC , DPC warn Public to be more cautious ahead of Christmas


As Christmas and New Year celebrationsapproaches, the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen has reassured continued security in Rukungiri but urged members of the public to remain vigilant.

RDC Bewayo urged the public to exercise caution today when chatting with our reporter from his office at the Rukungiri district headquarters.

He said that terrorists, particularly ADF rebels and others with bad intents, frequently use the holiday season to launch assaults.

RDC Bewayo stated that the forthcoming holiday season would see continued efforts in collaboration with the general population to maintain the safety, security, and tranquility that the people of Rukungiri now enjoy.

“There are individuals that look at such festivities as an opportunity to engage in criminal acts like theft or taking advantage of unsuspecting people for their valuables,” RDC Bewayo said, calling for continued vigilance and real time information sharing on any suspected wrongdoers.

He said that in an effort to prevent the negative elements from upsetting the tranquility of the Rukungiri district, they are presently conducting patrols to filter them out.

“Security operations will continue to be conducted as usual and residents are urged to be involved and continue working with the Police and other security agencies by reporting any suspicious behaviours that might need targeted checks,” RDC Bewayo added.

He gave advice on how to maintain a pleasant and crime-free Christmas season by enjoying yourself in moderation and abstaining from violence.

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Bewayo added that those who plan to have fireworks in Rukungiri should equally work with the security agencies to avoid inflicting physical or psychological danger to the public since fireworks are classified as explosives.

He went on to say that Rukungiri’s security will not permit tire burning at the end of the year and that anyone discovered doing so will be taken into custody.

Additionally, he urged the people to refrain from overspending during the holidays as doing so would make it easier for them to pay for needs like school fees at the start of the year.

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SSP. Musa Tibakirana the Rukungiri District Police Commander (DPC) warned motorists against reckless driving ahead of Christmas festivities.

SSP. Tibakirana observed that Christmas comes with a lot of excitement and cautioned motorists to observe traffic rules while on the road.


He warned motorists to avoid speeding, overtaking in sharp corners, on the hill and when there are many vehicles in front.

SSP. Tibakirana also warned motorists to avoid obstructions such as making phone calls, phone texting and eating while driving, among others.

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In the meanwhile, DPC Tibakirana asked everyone to be vigilant about security in their houses over the approaching holiday season in order to prevent criminals from using this as an opportunity to steal their belongings.

In the event that Rukungiri district borders the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or Queen Elizabeth National Park, Tibakirana requested that locals be informed about ADF threats.

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