Amolatar RDC blames boda boda riders over increased criminalities


The resident district commissioner for Amolatar Francis Okello Rwotlonyo has blamed the boda boda riders in the district over the rampant increase of criminal activities.

Okello made the remark on Friday 8th/September/2023 from his office at Amolatar town council following the recent robbery that happened at Abako Trading center where unknown gunmen entered the shop, shot a shopkeeper and robbed over 20m shillings.

He said the boda boda rider failed to identify the wrong people they are carrying, saying the preliminary investigations into the matter indicates that the three-armed robbers used a boda boda to transport them to the area of their target.

He cited another incident that happened where a boda boda was hired to carry some people from Agwingiri Sub County to Aputi where he was stopped at gunpoint and the motor bike taken away.

Okello said that as the district security team, they will work harder to enforce the directives made by the president that all bars and places of worship shouldn’t accept stranger    

When asked on why there is increased robbery involving guns in the district, Rwotlonyo said that being at the center of the Country, the district is porous and receives different categories of people.

He added that as the security they are always on alert the reason why they have arrested several criminals and most of the criminals use small boats to cross to the district.

He advises the community in the district to be vigilant and report any people they are suspecting of having a criminal behavior such that the district remains in peace as it approaches independent day celebration.

Geoffrey Epanye the chairperson LCIII for Agwingiri sub county wonders how the robbers entered the shop in the morning while the whole night went without that.

He said that this is a sign that the area is not now a safe place and needs security attention if the peace of the people is to be maintained.