AMOLATAR! RDC, NRM district chairman clash over aggressive politics


James Olobo Dubai, the chairman of the Amolatar district NRM, and Francis Okello Odoki Rwotlonyo got into an argument when the district NRM chair rejected an RDC statement claiming that Amolatar had turned into a hotbed of aggressive politics.

According to RDC Francis Okello Rwotlonyo, politics has taken over the district, making it difficult to operate there since there are some who want to see their interests carried out and would use intimidation if necessary.

He claimed that because everything in the district becomes politicized, even public personnel from outside districts of Amolatar found the atmosphere to be unfavorable.

“The first time I came to Amolatar I thought it wouldn’t take even a month. The environment is just full of politics and some of these people when you don’t work according to their interest they say you want last. Even the civil servants are getting it hard, the place is not conducive at all” Okello said.

Okello noted that for the district to experience progress, a team from both the economic monitoring and Amolatar must assure teamwork.

In response to the RDC’s remark, James Olobo, the NRM district chair and Member of Parliament for Kioga North, stated that the ministries are situated around the nation to address various grievances.

According to him, the only reason some district officials claim that politics and disputes have taken over the area is that they are afraid to tell the truth and, in their letters to the state house anti-corruption section, they always conclude that there is conflict between the parties.

According to him, individuals shouldn’t hide from the reality; instead, it needs to be acknowledged in order for the government’s financial subsidies to be achieved.

Olobo went on to say that the majority of the contracts in the area had been poorly executed, citing the incomplete building of a maternity ward at Arwotcek Health Center Three as an example. He then organized the community to prevent the commissioning, which was set for last week.

“What is the use of these ministries? We must report any appropriate contract to relevant authorities, don’t lie to the people, truth must be spoken. All the time I complain about something that is not right. They say people are fighting them. Now that I have talked I have prik the anus of the lion” Said Olobo.

He went on to say that if you see a civil servant working for a long time in the area, you should be able to tell that they are serving the interests of the self-serving authorities rather than acting morally.

As a strongman in the opposition, Moses Okot, a member of parliament for Kioga County, stated that when the government is failing, it is so bad that they are moving toward seizing power; nonetheless, he wants to provide services to the people.

“You know, I’m an opposition from the FDC and I’m getting to the top, and I feel so good when the government fails, but service delivery is what I really want,” Okot said.

Dr. Agnes Atim Apea, the female MP for Amolatar, counseled the leaders to sit down and resolve their differences amicably rather than exposing their nudity to strangers.

Atim continued, saying that she now visits offices to hunt for funding and advocate on behalf of the public rather than to highlight flaws in the district.

 “My work is to look for money and lobby for my people that’s all, I don’t see a reason to run to offices to report any case but only to look for money you are opening our nakedness to outsiders and people will start fearing to come to our district” Atim Apea said.