Amolo, Omodo Jumped out of NRM party as Junior wins party election with a large margin


Queen Dorothy Amolo the former Oyam North NRM party aspirant has declared that she will run as an independent candidate in the Oyam North by-election after gruesomely losing to Samuel Junior Engola in the NRM party Primary election.

In a hotly battled election that was held on Saturday 17th/June/2023 at Oyam Town Council, Junior Engola the son of the late Minister Okello Engola came out victorious beating his opponent Queen Dorothy Amolo in an election that eight people who showed interest withdrew from the rest leaving only two to battle for the flag.

This was after a two days meeting with the party leadership and the electoral commission body of the party that were conveying with the aspirant persuading them to at least front only one person to hold the party flag but Queen rejected the proposal which prompted the electoral commission to hold the election where Queen were dumped by most of the NRM party delegates in Oyam North.

After the election the chairperson NRM electoral commission Dr. Tanga Odoi declared Samuel Junior Engola as the party flag bearer after coming victoriously with 532 votes representing 62.3 percent leaving his opponent Queen Dorothy with just 323 votes indicating only 37.7 percent out of the total 954 registered voters.

The NRM secretary General Richard Todwong warned the entire aspirant against going independent saying it will reduce the number of their voters.

Todwong added that much as some of the aspirants might go independent but it won’t deter them from doing all what it takes to see that they still hold their position in Oyam North.

He said they are ready now with all their weapons to start ground mobilization and campaign immediately after nomination.

“The only vacant position in parliament is Oyam North and it indicated that its for NRM we can’t lose our position we are very ready to start the grassroot mobilization and we will be doing it person to person, door to door village to village parish by parish, and sub county by sub county and we see this people who wants to go independent”

Tanga Odoi the chairperson NRM electoral commission warned opposition parties not to play with their position since they will all be in Oyam to rally votes for their candidate. He added that UPC is their Uncle but this time he has left the family issue and concentrated on the party and shall correct the family issues after the election.

“To UPC you are my uncles but the family issues we are leaving it for now we are now concentrating on the party. We shall correct it after the election. This position was for NRM and it will remain for NRM. We are here until when the election gets done then we go back. But we are not coming to vote. You will be the one to vote but we shall give support to the party candidate” Tanga warned.

Speaking after the election Samuel Junior Engola applauded the party and the aspirant who accepted to give him the opportunity to hold the flag saying it wasn’t his strength or the weaknesses of the colleagues but the good heart that they had for him.

Engola asked for togetherness and support during and after the election that is set for July 6th. He asked the NRM village chairperson to come together as one and rally support for him so that he can win the by-election.

Billie Nelly Bilasan Otoo who was also aspiring for the flag said it wasn’t easy to make a decision but said the party is bigger than everyone which prompted him to withdraw from the race. He promised to rally support for the NRM candidate.

“It is not an easy decision but there is no any other option the party is bigger than individual, I must accept since they are our supreme we cannot run away. The only thing is to turn and support the party candidate but I’m giving him only this two remaining years and I’ll come back in 2026” Otoo said

Queen Dorothy Amolo told the voters that she will not step down since there were election malpractices like ferrying the voters and sidelining other aspirants by the party top leaders. She added that she will go independent since the electorate still has love for her

Augustine Obanga kene said he has left in good faith the two remaining years for Junior Engola since the party is supreme and tasked Engola to fight harder so that another constituency is created unless he will again face it off in 2026.

“The party is supreme I cannot go above their order I have to withdraw but Samuel you should fight harder to see that a new constituency is created if you failed I will still come back for you and you will get rough just after two years” Obangakene said

Willy Kakere Omodo Omodo claims there was election malpractice and withdrew from the race but said he would still consult and come back with his position in the shortest period of time. He cited some individuals who were ferried from lira as people who were not supposed to handle the party election process since they have never been part of the NRM family; he pointed to Awitong Rashid Opio who is a strong UPC.

“The secretary general allowed me to introduce my fellow Clan leaders who have never been in the NRM party but have now come to organize the election processes but it is good that they have joined the party and they must confess. There are too many malpractices but I will not contest now but I will consult and come out with my position on Sunday evening” said Omodo

He finally came out on Monday to declare that he is coming as an independent candidate after consultation.

Ambassador Julius peter Moto while speaking also said the party is supreme and asked the voters to elect a person who is within the party. He said he will park all his weapons and use it for supporting the NRM flag bearer and not to elect someone who doesn’t live with the people.

In a separate interview with Solomon Okello a resident of Oyam Town council said if anyone failed to listen to the party position then they will meet him or her in the ballot box. He said if queen Dorothy Amolo decides to go as an independent they will teach her a lesson she will regret and never forget in her life.

“Let her come, we are ready to teach her a lesson she will never forget if he fails to hold the party position. Our son is ours and we shall not take him away if she wants to come let her come she will regret” Okello said

The electoral commission has set Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th as date for nomination of candidates for Oyam North by-election with NRM Samuel Engola, UPC Dr. Eunice Apio Otuku, NUP Daniel Okello, FDC Freddy Newton Odongo and Queen Dorothy Amolo ready for the process.

The position for Oyam North remains vacant following the shooting and killing of the late Minister for labor, development and industrial relation RTD COL Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo who was shot dead by his bodyguard private Sabilti Wilson on 2nd May 2023 at his home in Kyanja Kampala.