Contractors in Panic as Obongi RDC monitors government projects


Mr. Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka, the Resident District Commissioner for Obongi district, has sparked fear following the operations against all contractors suspected of bad work, leaving sites, and ghost projects.

The team leading the activities includes RDC Hasaka, Deputy RDC Denis Jawoko, DISO Draciri Edward, and the political fraternity, which includes Azubu Michael, the secretary for works and technical services.

Mpimbaza Hashaka stated that the first operation was carried out at the Obongi district headquarters, where the crew discovered an abandoned site for the building of a 1.9 billion shillings production office that was meant to be built by the Development Infrastructure of Kanjokya Street in Kampala.

The production office project was supposed to begin in February 2023, when the previous RDC Obongi performed the groundbreaking ceremony, but no one has been seen at the site in decades.

The development infrastructure site manager advised the monitoring team that the contractor does not have funds to purchase building supplies.

The 1.9 billion shillings project is part of the DRDIP, or development response to displacement impact initiative.

The operation comes at a time when some contractors are failing to do a satisfactory job, while others have abandoned the site after the district paid billions of shillings to their separate accounts.

The RDC office was recently astonished to discover that the contractor, Gopele Seed Secondary School in Gimara Sub County, had abandoned the site for nearly three months.