DOKOLO BY-ELECTION: “Am ready to die to ensure my people have access to services if elected” Dr. Lalam Atine


Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine, an independent candidate running in the Dokolo by-election as a woman MP, claims she is entitled to run and serve the people of Dokolo district.

The candidate for the Jubilee stated that she is fearless and would not be intimidated by other women.

Dr. Lalam appealed to the voters to back her in her quest for greater development and transformation for the residents of Dokolo district.

Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine has pledged to continue her campaign in spite of intimidation, threats, and insults.

According to Lalam, who was married in Adok Sub County Dokolo District after being born in Pader, she had the same right to run for office as everyone else who was born or raised in the region.

“I know the nature of my opponents and I am well-prepared to face them diplomatically. I will not engage in hiring goons and mudslinging. I will not give in to intimidation.” She said.

Shortly following the discussion with stakeholders, Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine stated to the media that she is prepared to go to work and impact the lives of her people she will represent in Parliament.

She pleaded with the government to assist female candidates for political leadership who are facing various obstacles.

“I implore the government to assign police to a few of my colleagues who are experiencing hardships, particularly in the interior regions where security is a problem.” She stated

A portion of the electorate who communicated with this media acknowledged Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine’s accomplishments prior to her entry into the campaign.

One electorate, James Etuku, told this website that while the minority group had previously been left out of the decision-making process, Lalam included them.

He went on to say that Lalam is the only viable candidate and inspired everyone to provide their support to her to the fullest extent possible.

Felix Oguta claimed that Lalam has made good success in a few villages thus far, suggesting that further advancements for the Dokolo people are still to come if she is elected.

Among Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine’s main manifesto items are Government project monitoring, lobbying, and improving roads, schools, and infrastructure health services and networks.