DOKOLO BY-ELECTION: NRM’s Adongo Elau promises effective service delivery if elected


If elected, candidate Jenet Adongo Elau has promised to improve service delivery and make frugal use of resources.

According to Jenet Adongo Elau, cartels that engage in corruption are the reason why Dokolo residents have not kept up with growth.

Ms. Adongo issued a warning that money theft impairs public services.

The candidate running for the NRM party flag pledged a complex strategy to destroy the cartels in Dokolo.

Dokolo aspiring Woman MP Adongo stated that she will support agriculture and provide food security for Dokolo by boosting wages for art professors, paying salary dues, and promoting physicians.

This will involve offering fertilizer and seeds at reduced costs in order to increase farmers’ yield.

She further pledged to stock all Sub-county health facilities with medication and staff in order to improve service delivery.

Adongo voiced worries about the declining state of the Dokolo health system.

Voters should give preference to the NRM candidate since opposition members of parliament do not attend caucus meetings, when the budget is decided, according to Sammy Ogwang, the NRM spokesperson for the Dokolo district.

The NRM’s director of mobilization, Rosemary Nasubuga Seninde, encouraged voters to support Adongo Jenet Elau since the government’s goal is to elevate people out of poverty; however, NRM Cadres would be the means by which this will be accomplished.

Felix Okot Ogong, the MP for Dokolo South, is now engaged in a vigorous campaign for the NRM party flag bearer and has advised people to give Adongo a chance if they would want to see improved services in Dokolo.

Voting for NRM candidates was pledged by certain electorates who communicated with this website and praised the accomplishments of the NRM government in Lango.

One voter, James Otaka, claimed that the NRM government had performed far better than other ruled parties, such as the UPC.

Otaka continued, saying that NRM mobilizes people around Adongo Jenet Elau and has clear visions of bringing residents out of poverty via social and economic reform.

Otolemomoleo resident Sarah Akello praised President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s NRM administration for maintaining peace and stability in Uganda.

Akello pledged to only ever support NRM while casting a ballot.