DOKOLO BY-ELECTION: NRM’s Adongo Janet Elau gains massive support day by day


Adongo Jenet Rose Elau, the NRM candidate, is garnering a lot of support every day as flames spread throughout the opposition camps in Dokolo and its vocal and staunch leaders join the NRM party.

Janet Adongo Rose Elau, the NRM ticket’s candidate for the Dokolo by-election, is rapidly gaining a great deal of support from voters and is hopeful that she will win the contest with a sizable margin early on March 21st, according to polls.

The happy Adongo said this on Saturday during her third rally day in Dokolo South County’s Okwongodul Sub County and Kwera Sub County.

This comes after vocal and steadfast opposition party leaders from the NRM party submitted and crossed over.

The leaders of the opposition parties who had recently undergone conversion were welcomed and asked to rally support for the NRM Adongo Elau.

Adongo Rose Elau is a three-day rally led by the NRM Flag Bearer at Okwongodul. The leaders of 50 opposition parties in Kwera Sub County lay down their tools and organize support for the event.

They claimed that while they attempted to be patient with the opposition, they soon saw that they had become distracted and were merely spreading propaganda and hatred instead of offering policy alternatives and useful arguments.

The party officials expressed sorrow for being in opposition and said they had squandered their time believing that the opposition could lead Ugandans to prosperity in an interview with Kigezi Post.

Dokolo South party coordinators for the UPC and FDC include Anyango Jenet and Obura Denish, among many others.

Adongo declared to voters that she has an intense desire to serve the people of Dokolo with excellent services.

She said that my support for those who are still undecided will soar with the backing of President Yoweri Museveni and party’s leader.

Felix Okot Ogong, the Dokolo South MP who is traveling with the NRM candidate, advised the public not to switch their support to the opposition since they are unable to further Dokolo’s development.

The vocal candidate also went so far as to undermine UPC Akena’s presidential ambition.

“Akena can’t be here to lie that he will win presidential election, he is unable to defeat H. E. Museveni, my people I tell you, that is a big lie, Our president is still capable to win and lead even beyond.”

Additionally, MP Okot claimed that because UPC Akena is eating NRM bread, they had to decommission against the NRM candidate.