DOKOLO BY-ELECTION: NRM’s Emmanuel Dombo meets leaders ahead of election


The National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) communication officer, Emmanuel Dombo, visited and spoke with Dokolo District leaders on the Dokolo by-election.

The Dokolo district’s Catholic Church hall served as the meeting’s location on Saturday, and the district executive committee was there.

The schedule for the by-election of a woman to the Dokolo District Member of Parliament was just issued by the Electoral Commission.

After Iron Lady Cecilia Atim Ogwal, a former member of parliament, passed away, the position became vacant.

All seven candidates had the chance to pitch their candidacies to the leaders in attendance at the meeting.

Dr. Lalam Grace, Abang Betrace Molly Kia, and Iryne Amogi Ajwika , Adongo Jenet Elau the flag bearer, Hanna Atine, Judith Ayugi, Rebecca Arao, and Lillian Auma Okullu are the candidates in the race.

Only two NRM candidates, including Dr. Lalam Grace, consented to stand aside in favor of Adongo Jenet Elau, the flag bearer, at the meeting but other four declined to step down and they  include Abang Betrace, Amongi Iryne Ajwika, Hanna Atine Rabbeca Arao and Molly Kia.

Emmanuel Dombo congratulated those who stepped down and praised Dokolo district officials for mediating the candidates while speaking to the delegation from Dokolo.