Dokolo By-Election Tensions Rise: NRM leaders threaten independent support over unpaid dues


A brewing conflict within the National Resistance Movement (NRM) threatens to shake the party’s unity ahead of a crucial by-election.

Distressed over unpaid facilitation from the 2021 General Election, NRM District Councillors are contemplating a radical shift in allegiance.

The controversy, spotlighting over 80 million Shillings in undistributed funds, has escalated tensions, with councillors considering backing an independent candidate if their grievances remain unaddressed.

At the heart of the dispute is the alleged failure to disburse over 80 million Shillings intended for NRM flagbearers in Dokolo district during the 2021 elections.

The affected candidates, spanning district council and various leagues, were each promised one million Shillings for campaign-related expenses.

Despite repeated demands, the party’s leadership has yet to fulfil these financial commitments, bringing the issue to the forefront at the recent NRM Expanded District Delegates conference.

Party Unity at Stake

The standoff has prompted strong reactions from both local leaders and national party officials.

Tonny Odongo, NRM Caucus chairperson in Dokolo, openly discussed the possibility of supporting an independent candidate, signalling a deepening rift within the party.

In response, Rose Namayanja Nsereko, NRM Deputy Secretary General, asserted that the funds had been released, urging unity and focus on the upcoming by-election

Namayanja urged people of Dokolo to vote for Jenet Adongo Elau the Flag bearer for effective service delivery.

She however cautioned leaning NRM Independent Candidates against contradicting party symbols with that of flag bearer to confuse voters.

Meanwhile, Rosemary Seninde, NRM Director for Mobilization, labelled independent-NRM-leaning candidates as “rebels,” emphasizing the importance of rallying behind the official party flagbearer to prevent electoral losses reminiscent of the Oyam By-election.

“There’s no any better words to use for those NRM leaning Independent Candidates the best word is rebel.

Seninde added that there is no any person above the party constitution including president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni himself.

Felix Okot Ogong Dokolo North MP appealed to NRM government under leadership of YK Museveni to consider Lango and tarmac Dokolo to Amolatar high way for effective service delivery to the people in Lango since that road connect many district.

Out of seven NRM candidates who came out to contest only three candidates resigned from the race and they include

Molly Betrace Abang Kia,  Judith Ayugi and Lillian Auma Okullu however three candidate declined to resign in favor of flag bearer and they are:- 

Dr Lalam Grace Hanna Atine, Iryne Amongi Ajwika and Rebecca Arao.

During the conference held on Saturday at Dokolo technical institute ground with party leaders NRM Secretariat delegates frontend Jenet Adongo Elau as their flag bearer 

Resolution and Reflection

The controversy underscores the challenges of internal party cohesion and the critical role of financial transparency in ensuring electoral success.

As the by-election approaches, the NRM’s ability to address the grievances of its members and present a united front will be crucial.

The situation in Dokolo serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate balance between party loyalty and individual representation, with potential implications for the NRM’s broader electoral strategy.