Former Erute North Aspirant praises Museveni’s leadership, says Muhoozi is dedicated mobilizer


Former Erute North parliamentary candidate and RTD Warrant Officer Mr. Jimmy Sam Ebong hailed President General Yoweri Museveni Kaguta as a capable leader who has the capacity to govern the nation well into 2026.

Speaking to a journalist at the Pacific Grand Hotel over the weekend, Ebong stated that in his perspective, President Museveni’s contributions to the nation and Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s mobilization make both of them qualified to lead the country.

He claimed that even if President Museveni decides to step down from active politics, Uganda won’t have a leadership vacuum since Gen. Muhoozi would be available to lead the nation to its desired objective.

In his address, he said that by gathering all the political groups in Uganda to cooperate with the NRM governing party, Museveni had done a tremendous job of bringing them all together.

He claimed that Museveni exercised prudence in enacting the anti-homosexuality law because it is what the nation believes in.

He also exhorted Ugandans not to be afraid of any threats made by few LGBT sympathizers.

Ebong praised Museveni for presenting initiative aimed at building wealth and turning the country into a middle income economy as well as for recognizing the offspring of prior presidents by hiring them in his cabinet.

General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, as described by Ebong, is a disciplined, devoted, and brave soldier who has made enduring contributions throughout the world in a short amount of time.

He praised MK as being a good and effective party mobilizer, pointing to the larger Kampala region, which in 2021 was dominated by opposition parties but is currently seeing around 70% of the young mobilising support for the ruling party.

If President Museveni decides to leave active politics, Ebong, who has once more expressed interest in the Erute North parliamentary seat, suggested Muhoozi as the best candidate.

This is true since Muhoozi and Museveni both possess the attributes necessary to rule Uganda. Ebong continues by saying that he will be prepared to support whoever joins the NRM party between Museveni and Muhoozi in 2026.

According to Ebong, voters in Erute North should select the candidate who can effectively represent them in both the legislature and their specific constituency.

He continued by saying that there is still a significant issue with access to clean water, sufficient roads, enough health care, a strong market for agricultural products, and adequate household income.