FORT PORTAL: Former ANT aspiring woman Member of Parliament defects to NRM


FORT PORTALThe fort portal city National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders have unveiled one of the former aspiring Woman Member of Parliament as their new party member.

Majorine Annet Kansiime a member of the Alliance for National Transformation under Maj Gen. Mugisha Muntu was availed yesterday at city NRM offices in the heart of fort portal by the party chairperson Isagara Nyakana.

As a sign of commitment, she handed over ANT’s membership card in exchange for the NRM constitution and a yellow shirt.

Kansiime ran as a woman member of parliament in 2021against other six aspirants and managed to be the last with 381 votes losing to Irene Linda who garnered 22563 votes.

Nyakana welcomed her with pleasure confirming that she is now in the right place since NRM is all inclusive .

“Expect no segregation in NRM and you will be treated equally like others because we are non- discriminative” says Nyakana.


Kansiime commonly known as Akiiki Marjo expressed the need dissatisfaction with ANT’s top leadership secretly collaborating with the NRM though smearing a bad image to mislead them as followers.

“It’s my constitutional right to join any party of choice and I have realized that NRM is the only reliable and dependable party in politics that triggered my support” Kansiime states.

She added that as the opposition continues spreading hatred other than Unity; the NRM party gets more stronger and focused towards developing its own citizen which is part of her call in politics.

“My call is toowork for the people who match with NRM’s ideology and manifesto therefore need to join the cause of development” explains Kansiime.

She promised to bring more of her followers to join NRM as elections drew closer.