Gulu RDC Okidi says PDM is yielding fruit


The PDM pilot centers are producing positive outcomes, according to Cosmas James Okidi, the Resident district commissioner (RDC) Gulu District.

Mr. Okidi claimed to have observed a fantastic success being documented across several enterprises in the Gulu area when visiting the houses of the first beneficiaries for PDM pilot projects, which were launched in December of last year in the district.

A pig farm owned by Pamela Aciro, a resident of Te-kibur village, is one of the residences the RDC visited.

Another name on the list was Adoch Beatrice, who operates a poultry business, specifically Chicken Croilers enterprise, in the same village as Te-kibur.

Other names on the list included Atto Alice of Anywang Kal village, Alal Lilly, and Okwera, as well as Justine Patrick (Piggery) of Arut village, all of whom are from Laban parish in the Paicho subcounty of the Gulu district.

“We will discuss this with our support personnel (Extension workers) but you beneficiaries need constant direction and training so that we don’t make mistakes when battling poverty at home. I’ll keep coming to see you for any help,” Cosmas James Okidi, DRDC, assured the beneficiaries.

The PDM funds should only be used on the designated businesses, he further advised the members.

He also exhorts recipients to constantly abide by all instructions, particularly those about projects involving the care of pigs, chickens, and other animals.

“The government under the leadership of YKM is very passionate and committed to seeing that the 39% of those in subsistence farming upgrade into money economy, and we need to embrace it,” Cosmas told PDM beneficiaries. “The government under the leadership of YKM will offer total support, and our office is open 24/7 to receive issues as regards to PDM implementation in the district.”

Since most of the recipients visited have already built structures for their businesses even though they have not yet begun to benefit from the projects, there is hope that very soon they will begin to enjoy the benefits.

Aciro Pamela praised Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president, for his visionary leadership and vowed never to let him down.

She claimed that in the upcoming days, she hopes to collect millions of shillings.

The project was started in the parishes of Atyaba in Bungatira and Laban in Paicho, which are two subcounties of Bungatira and Paicho, respectively.