Gulu RDC to relocate his offices to village for more efficient PDM project monitoring


Charles Ichogor, the Resident district commissioner Gulu, has said that he will relocate his offices to the village in order to more effectively supervise parish development plans.

On Wednesday, August 16, 2023, at Awach Central Primary School, he revealed that this project needs to be closely monitored in order to realize its effectiveness.

He was there to preside over the beginning of the parish development model program grant disbursement.

The RDC makes a plea to local authorities to exert significant effort in closely observing the PDM initiatives so that poverty spreads to other homes.

Beneficiaries from Pugwinyi SACCO, Pokogali SACCO, and Oguru SACCO expressed excitement and thanked His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for his strategic leadership and well-planned anti-poverty action.

Beatrice Adyero is one of the beneficiaries, and she showed her joy by stating that she and the other recipients are eager to adhere to the rules set forth and to spend the funds as planned.

The Gulu CAO Ismael Ocengel expressed remorse at the delay in payment, blaming it to the indolence of his technical staff, and promised to take corrective action.

James Cosmas Okidi, the deputy resident district commissioner for Gulu, admonished the technical staff against using the money for uses other than what it was intended for.

He urged the technical personnel to have internal consultations.

Out of the total parish revolving funds (PRF) of shs 5,026,925,850 that are being uploaded on PDMIS, the Gulu district released a total of shs. 326,925,850 to various SACCO accounts.

The PDM strategy is a Presidential initiated sold all over the country by His Excellency YKM during campaign trial, where he promised to uplift Ugandans out of poverty.

The Launch was attended by dignitaries including Two Members of Parliament Hon Simon Wokorach Peter and woman MP Mego Balmoi Sharon, commander OWC Acholi subregion, Representative of PDM secretariat Mr.Otim, LCV Chairperson Gulu, Secretary production, CAO & technical staffs, Staffs from Centenary Bank, district Councillors, LC III Chairperson, LC1s and beneficiaries from various sub counties.