JUST IN! Former Speaker for Amolatar district crosses to NRM party 


The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party stalwarts in Amolatar district are celebrating over what they describe as a big catch! ;

This follows the surrender and crossing in of the former Speaker for Amolatar district local government Jolly Joe Opio  of the Uganda People Congress  (UPC) to the ruling party.

Jolly Joe Opio formerly the speaker for Amolatar district moves to the NRM after 15 years of being in the UPC. party where he held several positions including being the district speaker.

A once vocal and Storch opposition leader in Amolatar district said that he has decided to join the ruling party, “because the UPC party has lost focus and that they are deeply rooted in the politics of hatred”.

“My status has changed from UPC to NRM. I tried to be patient in the opposition but realized that we in the opposition had lost focus, we were not making constructive arguments based on policy alternatives but just hatred. We were only preaching hatred,” Opio said.

Felix Adupa Ongwech, the former contestant for Kioga County double as President of Transformers Cadres Association (TCAU ) who is  now on a serious mobilisation for NRM registration and voters update exercise applauded Opio for taking right decision to join the rulling party since it is a party aimed at lifting citizens out of poverty.

Adupa rallies people of Amolatar district and it’s surrounding to support NRM party for more development to be advanced  by the NRM government.

Simon Peter Ongom Sedu, former LC V chairperson for Amolatar district applauded Opio for joining NRM party.

In an interview with ; kigezi post;this morning, Opio regretted being in opposition stating that he had wasted time thinking that opposition was an alternative government to drive Ugandans to prosperity.

“President Museveni is a good leader who is passionate about Ugandans becoming prosperous and that is what I have also been doing as Opio, I am happy to join him,” Opio said.

His departure has however caused negative impact on UPC party.