JUST IN! NRM harvests another strong Rukungiri FDC Mobilizer


Another Rukungiri District Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party strong figure has today 27th December, 2023 officially crossed to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party.

Nabaasa Eric Kayangyi who hails from Kajwomushana in Ruhinda Sub County has been the FDC Mobilizer in Rukungiri district was welcomed into the NRM Party by the NRM chairman Rukungiri district, Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi in a function held at Rukungiri Inn in Rukungiri municipality.

Nabaasa announced that he is officially crossing to the NRM party saying that he has seen the light and realized the FDC party has no future for the country.

He equally promised to go back and mobilize other FDC supporters in Ruhinda Sub County and entire Rukungiri district to convince them to cross to NRM party.

Cue in……..NABAASA…………..

Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi the Rujumbura County Member of Parliament who is also the Rukungiri district NRM chairperson welcomed Nabaasa and said he has taken the right decision to join the NRM party that is focused and broad-based.

Jim Muhwezi said winning Nabaasa to the Ruling National Resistance Movement is a great achievement and foundation to foster development in Rukungiri.

Minister Muhwezi thanked “Abanya Rujumbura ba Ruhinda Association” led by Mr. Posiano Ngabirano, Martin Mwambusya and Canon Ben Turamye for uniting people of Ruhinda towards supporting government and its programs to benefit people.