LANGO: Business Tycoon Geoffrey Etwop preaches Love and Unity  as they welcome New cultural leader


A prominent Lira City business Tycoon, Mr. Geoffrey Etwop, has called upon all the people of Lango to honor the recently concluded election of the new paramount chief (Won Nyaci), Eng. Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune, as he waits to assume office on 2nd November 2024.

“Lango at the moment is very united and is focused on unity and development, not disunity,” said Etwop.

According to ‘Awitong’, Mr. Geoffrey Etwop, whoever is causing any division among Lango tribe will not be tolerated or entertained within the cultural setting of area.

He urged members of Lango living in the diaspora to be proud and identify themselves with the Lango tribe without fear because the new paramount chief of Lango, His Highness Eng. Dr. Michael Odongo Okune, is now a legally elected cultural head of the Lango Kingdom who will bring glory to all the clans in Lango without segregation.

He was speaking to reporter in an interview on Tuesday from Lira City.

Additionally, Etwop urged anyone with ill intentions towards Lango to forget and relax, as the people are not going to entertain any nonsense.

According to Mr. Etwop, the people of Lango sub-region should embrace unity and reconciliation instead of resorting to court regarding cultural issues.

“Lango has now moved to the next step, and as of now, the issue of the election is fully sorted out. Lango has to start a new chapter of moving forward together on the same page as a united tribe,” he said. “ against the election outcome iWhoever iss against the Lango cultural setting.”

Etwop commended the Won Nyaci-elect, Dr. Eng. Moses Michael Odongo Okune, for being a humble leader and asked him to unite all the different clan heads in Lango and the entire Lango community for the realization of development.