LANGO: Otuke WMP. Hon. Abeja and Hon. Julius Acon announce free eye treatment to 100 children


Over 100 children with eyesight complications from the districts of Lango Sub -region are set to benefit from free treatment including surgery every year, Courtesy of Otuke district Woman MP Hon. Susan Abeja together with Otuke East MP Julius Acon Bua at Mengo Eye Hospital.

According to Susan Abeja the Otuke Woman MP, out of 100  children that will benefit from the free treatment every year will come from all the districts in Lango.

She  revealed that at least 23 children with eyesight complications have so far received free eye check-up and surgery recently at Mengo Eye Hospital.

Eight of the beneficiaries were from Otuke and 15 from the districts of Alebtong, Lira ,Kole , Kwania and Apac.

Abeja added that 100 children are expected to receive the treatment and so far 23 have already benefited.

” The surgery and inspection involved medical expert from Mengo Eye Hospital. The team screen patients for cataracts, clouding of the eyes Len” Abeja said.

She urged people to undergo regular eye check-ups to avoid late diagnosis that can potentially lead to lose of sight.

Abeja calls for a joint effort from all stakeholders to fight the increasing number of people battling cataracts among the vulnerable communities in Lango Sub -region.