Lira diocesan Bishop refutes allegations of rallying behind Minister Amongi to defeat ardent born-again Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng


Rt. Rev. Santos Lino Wannock, the Bishop of the Lira Catholic Diocese, has refuted claims that he supported Minister Amongi’s decision to run for the Lira City Woman parliamentary seat.

There have been recent rumours that the Lira Catholic Diocese Bishop ordered all members of the church to back Minister Amongi in her campaign against the ardent born-again Christian Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng.

Allegations surfaced that the bishop personally met with Amongi multiple times to devise plans for their triumph.

On Friday, February 23, 2024, the catholic church—which is well-known for advocating peace rejected this accusation, claiming it lacks evidence and is unfounded.

Speaking to the media in Lira, Diocesan Chancellor Fr. Emmanuel Opio made it plain that they are not associated with Minister Amongi’s political campaign and that voters should be free to choose the candidate of their choosing.

He claimed that because they are an independent and impartial church, they cannot force Minister Amongi on their Christians.

According to him, the Catholic Church valued harmony, love, and peace.

The Lira Catholic Diocese’s bishop, Rt Rev. Santos Lino Wannock, has denied any involvement in the effort to remove Dr. Aceng from office by bringing Minister Amongi to Lira City, he said.

Fr. Opio added that the church is prepared to collaborate with anyone who has been chosen by the people.

Minister Amongi announced in 2023 that she intended to unseat Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the minister of health, in 2026.

Since then, there has been division among modern cultural leaders, clergy, and businesspeople.