Lira RDC Hamwada threatens to arrest PDM Saboteurs


Mr. Ismael Hamwada Pintu, the resident district commissioner for Lira, has threatened to arrest defaulters who are involved in undermining government initiatives like PDM.

Hamwada was speaking to this website last week in his office at the district headquarters following the protest of the assistant district commercial officer for Lira Santos Olade that there are some of the persons who are de-campaigning the parish development model program.

Santos Olade said that he had learned of efforts being made to prevent the production of national identity cards. According to Olade, some families have decided to hide information about their members out of concern that microchips may be implanted in them.

Currently, Pintu Hamwada Ismael, the resident district commissioner, announced that they will soon begin looking for the perpetrators and bring charges against them for undermining the parish development program. He also urged the community to report anybody who was engaged.

Before beginning their operation, Pintu stated, they would first confront individuals who were allegedly misinterpreting the information. If they did not follow the instructions, there would be no other choice than to arrest and charge them.

He warned against underestimating this program and compared it to others like UWEP, YLP, and Emyooga. He also warned against using PDM funds for any sort of gambling.

“As the district the saboteurs of the parish development model shall face it off but first of all we shall first start with engaging them if they fail to understand then we shall not have any other option but to start arresting them and charging them. This is different from youth livelihood programs, not even UWEP but if any one tries to take the money and fails to pay then we shall get them. this will not be business as usual”  Hamwada Said.

The community was also urged by Hamwada to increase family income by participating in various government programs and returning the money so that it may be used to assist others. 

He asserted that there is no such thing as a government that will feed its people; instead, effective programs will only be implemented, and it is up to the people to make the most of these opportunities.

“You should make the most of this chance. PDM is here to assist the populace. What you need to understand is that no government will give food for you; instead, take use of the opportunity to recover, said Hamwada.