Lira university lecturer asks Ugandans not to abandon history


Dr. Lorry Lawrence Ocen, a lecturer at Lira University has urged the residents of Lango to embrace the study of art.

Dr. Ocen was the guest speaker over the weekend at Amolatar district MDD celebration at the Amolatar Boma grounds.

According to Ocen, the majority of individuals have begun to give up on traditional practices, while some have turned to secretly wedding their relatives, many of whom they have no idea how closely related they are.

He asked parents and educators to support children in preserving the Lango culture, which had been lost.

He urged everyone in the community to work hard to combat issues including inadequate sanitation, GBV, malaria, and harmful substances.

Meanwhile, the owner of Global Leaders Nursery and Primary School appreciated the students who represented Lango in the Hoima tournament.

According to Angwech’s narration, instructors play a significant role in helping students get ready for the return to school season.

Parents should take all necessary steps to ensure that their children return to school so that they can achieve success.

She complimented educators and the department of education for encouraging students’ talents and providing assistance that enabled a school from the Amolatar district to represent the area in the national competition.

According to Mrs. Josephine Acen Okullo, the district education officer for Amolatar, the department considered reintroducing the topic to the neighborhood so that the children could comprehend it better.

Ronald Ogweng, the district inspector of schools, claimed last week, when the event was also conducted at Namasale Town Council Ground that staging such an event has a significant influence since most people choose concerts over any other activity.

The district education department worked with the Global Leaders Nursery and Primary School administration to plan the event, which attracted thousands of people from all across the area. It was held behind the community concert.

Among the schools that participated in the event were Namasale Primary School, Abwong Primary School, and Global Leaders Primary School.