Minister Jim Muhwezi lectures Ugandans on digital number plates


Maj Gen (Rtd) Jim Muhwezi, the Minister of Security, has called on Ugandans to embrace technology and digital number plates.

Minister Muhwezi argues that replacing outdated number plates with digital ones will be essential to reducing and combating crime in the country.

Maj Gen Muhwezi made this statement over the weekend at the Uganda Pentecostal University graduation ceremony in Fort Portal City.

He brought attention to a pattern in which criminals frequently ride motorbikes, or boda boda, to carry out crimes before vanishing into thin air adding that with the new technology, this will be history.

The minister clarified that in addition to having trackers installed to improve surveillance and location identification, each vehicle would have a new digital number plate that is securely connected to it, prohibiting any unauthorized transfers from one owner to another.

Regarding privacy concerns, he reassured the public that the position of the vehicle is the only thing being tracked, not what happens inside the vehicle.