Minister Jim Muhwezi urges Religious leaders to sensitize on govt programs


Security Minister and the Rujumbura County Member of Parliament Hon. Jim Muhwezi has urged religious leaders to spearhead the fight against poverty in their respective areas by mobilizing the faithful to embrace government development projects.

At an event on Sunday in Kyaruyenje Parish, Buhunga Sub County, Rukungiri district, Minister Muhwezi made the statements through his Political Assistant, Isaac Kaharuza, in reference to the 100 iron sheets he had promised to Rwamarengye Full Gospel Church.

To help the church with its development, Kaharuza also brought five bags of cement from Rukungiri district Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Natukunda Midius Kaharata.

Speaking at the handover event, Jim Muhwezi urged believers to support government initiatives to boost their revenue, such as the Parish Development Model (PDM), since doing so will advance God’s kingdom.

“PDM money is in every parish, meaning that you can easily access it. So, always attend seminars to learn how that money can be accessed and how it works because you need it to boost your agricultural produce,” He told the faithful while handing over the iron sheets.

According to Isaac Kaharuza, during elections, people should interact with those who can lobby and provide services to communities rather than being misled by those who only have their own interests in mind.


However, Minister Jim Muhwezi asked the Rwamarengye Full Gospel Church Christians to make good use of the donated iron sheets in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

He went on to say that every member of Rwamarengye Full Gospel Church who would have taken money out of their pocket to purchase the iron sheets and roof for the Church of God is the beneficiary of the donation.

According to Kaharuza, the Minister is carrying out the promises he and the NRM government made about service delivery during the general elections in 2021.


Christians were told by Mrs. Nahwera Santrinah, the Vice Chairperson of LC5 Rukungiri district and a female councilor representing the Sub Counties of Buhunga and Ruhinda, that now is the time to assess and identify leaders who are capable of providing services in their communities and to encourage them to be rewarded with many votes in 2026 so that they can return and represent them.

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The elder and political advisor to Hon. Jim Muhwezi, Mr. Silver Rukaraama, asked the people of Buhunga Sub County, Rukungiri district, and the nation at large to show gratitude to President Museveni and the NRM government for their excellent efforts in improving Uganda.

Mzee Rukaraama went on to say that those who propagate false information about the NRM government in order to mislead others are self-serving and have personal agendas, thus the public should ignore them.

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In order to maintain the growth by obtaining improved service delivery, Kebirabo Toppie Kangye, the NRM chairperson for Buhunga Sub County and the coordinator for Minister Jim in Buhunga, urged the public to vote the NRM Party in the general elections.

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Rwamarengye Full Gospel Church’s Pastor Tumwesigye Vicent revealed that they were unable to buy all the iron sheets needed to roof the church, which is now under construction.

He thanked Minister Muhwezi for his kindness and pledged their strong support for the general elections in 2026.

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