Minister Jim Muhwezi warns ADF rebels to surrender or perish like the other time in Ntoroko

Minister Jim Muhwezi

The Allied Democratic Force (ADF) rebels who murdered Ugandan students in the Kesese district have been warned by the national security minister, Rtd. Maj. Gen. Jim K Muhwezi, that their time is running out and they will be executed at any moment.

The minister stated that the UPDF and other Ugandan security agencies are ready and prepared to deal with them and predicted that they will be murdered, as they had been previously in the Ntoroko district.

At the commissioning of a four-classroom nursery block at Nyamifura Primary School in Nyakagyeme Sub-County Rukungiri District, the minister was speaking as the event’s guest of honor.

The Rotary club of Kololo in Kampala built the four-classroom block with assistance from former students, Uganda Bati limited, and other well-wishers for the school.

According to Minister Muhwezi, the aim of the ADF insurgents is to divert UPDF attention from its mission to defend Ugandan schools.

Regarding the commissioned classroom block, Minister Muhwezi praised the Rotary club of Kololo in Kampala for their generous spirit, noting that the school has been facing numerous difficulties.

The commissioned classroom building has been put in place for the benefit of the community, according to Mr. Moses Mabaale Turyatemba, president of the Kololo Rotary club, who asked for proper handling and exploitation of the facility.

The school’s head teacher, Ms. Lovernce Bairiho, thanked Rotarians for their support in constructing the school’s new, exquisite classroom block and expressed her optimism that the new structure will benefit the school in many ways.

The same Rotary club constructed a community hall and a health clinic at Nyakanengo Church of Uganda, Nyakagyeme Sub-County in the Rukungiri District about five years ago.

The club also provided North Kigezi Health 4 in the Eastern Division of the Rukungiri Municipality with an ambulance van.  

The community hall at Masaya Health Center iii in the Nyakagyeme sub-county is reportedly being constructed by the same club.