Mp Acon warns communities against mismanaging of PDM funds


Beneficiaries of the PDM parish development model have been warned by Hon. Julius Acon Bua, the Otuke East county MP, not to abuse the money.

He claimed to have learned that some of his electorates had begun misusing the grant by bringing it to a bar, and he threatened to investigate the situation further and take the necessary steps if necessary.

According to Acon, the funds must be used wisely in order to improve household income and assist the community in educating its children.

Although the government places a lot of attention on PDM, he added, there also has to be access to excellent roads and medical services.

According to Acon, several chairperson LCVs are losing elections only as a result of bad roads, and the government will concentrate on improving both the country’s roads and its health facilities in order to raise the standard of living for its citizens.

The government would build the pipe water in town council as the policy prevents them from digging boreholes in t/c, he noted, adding that he has built over four boreholes in the region and many more in other nearby locations.

On Friday, August 25, 2023, Acon made the statement as the Got Ojwang market opened for business.

He praised the current NRM administration, led by commander in chief His Excellency YK Museveni Tibahaburwa, for its efforts in bringing about peace in the nation.

Additionally, he took use of the occasion to invite the neighborhood to a free health rally on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, when pregnant moms would get supplies like the mama kit.