North Kigezi Diocesan Vice Chancellor Counsel Isaac Atukunda urges Ugandans to empower boy child


Counsel Isaac Atukunda who eyes for Rukungiri municipality NRM chairmanship has called upon church leaders and stakeholders to tighten the belts of advocating for the boy-child education alongside girls’ education if the country is to develop at the same pace.

Counsel Isaac who is also the vice chancellor for North Kigezi Diocese noted that the government had put much emphasis on girls only left behind boys which has accelerated wrong elements among the boy children.

According to Isaac, since the Ugandans have embraced girl education, it is time for them to switch to the education of boys to fill the gap which has been widened for so long.

“Some boy children have resorted to drug abuse, petty jobs and dropped from schools because their parents, church and government ventured into girls only’. Isaac said.

He made the remarks today Sunday serving as chief guest at Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano in Western Division Rukungiri municipality during the fathers Union Day.

Atukunda continued by calling upon parents and guardians to change their attitudes about boys and also empower them to grow into responsible men.

Counsel Isaac Atukunda addressing Christians at Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano

In his remarks, Atukunda also relies on a boy as a character to express his views, showing how the boys are not given adequate attention when it comes to parenting today, yet society continues to view men as the providers of families.

While addressing the congregation, Counsel Isaac asked men to mind their families by changing their behaviour and carry out their responsibilities in order to have happy families.

Counsel Isaac Atukunda, who donated Ugx. 2 million during the event, denounced lawmakers who share public funds in Parliament rather than serving the interests of the people who elected them.

Atukunda said that it is past time for citizens to take independent action to improve service delivery.

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The dean of Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano, Rev. Amatsiko Niwegariho, urged women to treat their husbands with respect and to invite them to be guests of honor once in their families during her sermon to the congregation.

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Rev. Amatsiko warned the Christians at Emmanuel Cathedral not to ignore Counsel Isaac Atukunda, saying that he is a very helpful man.

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