“NRM is the only government that gives people money, ignore other useless political parties” Minister Jim Muhwezi tells Ugandans

Minister Jim Muhwezi

Ugandans have been implored to change their mindset about work and shift from working only for the stomach and focus on improving their household incomes.

The call was placed yesterday by the Security Minister, Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi, and a member of parliament representing Rujumbura County who was the chief guest at a celebration of the Rukungiri Producers Cooperative Union’s accomplishments, which took place at Mr. Akankwatsa Sam’s home in Kasoroza Nyakagyeme Sub County in Rukungiri district.

Hon. Jim Muhwezi, who spoke at the function, encouraged Ugandans to participate in initiatives that might raise their household earnings and to take advantage of government programs.

According to Minister Muhwezi, if Ugandans followed through on this, they wouldn’t have to wait for government assistance to live well.

He exhorted people to use the money provided to them as capital for self-development through government initiatives like the Youth Livelihood, Emyooga, and Parish Development Model, among others.

However, Jim Muhwezi expressed his gratitude to Mr. Sam Akankwatsa for initiating such innovations as the dairy farm, piggery, and now coffee and beekeeping farms, as they are all part of the government initiative designed to assist individuals in beginning their own businesses.


According to Minister Jim Muhwezi, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government is the only one that provides funding for individuals to successfully complete income-generating enterprises.

He continued by urging people to join the National Resistance Movement (NRM), which is now in power, as it is the only political party with a solid platform that would benefit all Ugandans.


In order to lower the high rate of domestic violence, which is primarily caused by poverty, Hon. Midius Natukunda Kaharata, the woman Member of Parliament for the Rukungiri district, encouraged people to use government funds through programs like Parish Development Model (PDM) and engage in activities that raise household incomes.

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Rukungiri locals were asked to support and make use of Minister Jim Muhwezi’s existence during the same occasion by Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen, the Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC), as this would aid in the development of their community.

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The Rukungiri Producers Cooperative Union’s chairperson, Mr. Sam Akankwatsa, disclosed that while the cooperative began with pig farming, they are currently expanding to other endeavors like dairy farming, beekeeping, and coffee growing in order to provide jobs and lift families out of poverty.

According to Akankwatsa, the Rukungiri Producers Cooperative Union’s piggery initiative began in the Rukungiri district but is currently helping residents of the districts of Ntungamo, Kanungu, Mitooma, Kabale, and Rukiga.

He also mentioned the association’s current membership count of over 40,000.

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Religious leaders, Rukungiri district chairperson LC3, Deputy RDC Rukungiri district Mr. Ahimbisibwe Wilberforce Ongom, DISO Rukungiri Mr. Wachaya Christopher, and DPC Rukungiri SSP. Musa Tibakirana were among the visitors who attended the occasion.