NRM’s Adongo nominated for  Dokolo by-election seat


The NRM party flag bearer, Jenet Adongo Elau , has been nominated today by the Independent National Electoral Commission to contest in the Dokolo parliamentary by-election.

 The seat became vacant after the death of Iron Lady Cecilia Atim Ogwal  last year.

After verifying Jenet Adongo Elau,the returning Officer for Dokolo district, Erikwaine Ngobi Steven declared Adongo as potential candidate to contest for Dokolo woman MP.

Mrs . Adongo’s nomination was attended by the  Hon. Rosemary Seninde, the Director of Mobilization, and Samuel Nyanga, the manager office of the  Director mobilisation Secretariat, among other party district leaders.

After the nomination, Samuel 

Nyanga asked voters not to be confused by self-seekers claiming to be part of NRM, but instead to mobilize for Adongo, who is the official candidate.

“Please don’t pay attention to self-seekers whose aim is distraction. NRM has only one candidate, Adongo,” Seninde said.

“Last time we lost in Oyam  By election, this time we have come to win Dokolo. Jenet is contesting not as an individual but as a candidate sponsored by NRM. 

We should not hold onto our grudges, if any. Let us unite for the good of the party.”

Nyanga appealed to voters to elect an NRM candidate, saying that NRM is ready to implement its promises captured in the manifesto and that the right candidate to work with is Mr.

 Adongo. “Jenet Adongo Elau represents the NRM Party. Our being here is a clear testimony that she  has our full endorsement and blessings,”

Samuel Nyanga  said while addressing media at the Dokolo district office of the electoral commission..

Jenet Adongo Elau commended the NRM leadership for standing tall and firm with the people of Dokolo and for respecting their will of having her as their flag bearer. 

“You have always been on the right side of the people. You have been on the right side of what we need,” Adongo said while lauding Seninde and the entire party leadership.

She  promised to reach out to every voter, including those who may not be in agreement with her. “Let us unite. Let us work together for the benefit and development of our people,” she appealed.

On her part, Hon. Rosemary Seninde, the Director of Mobilization for the NRM party, expressed confidence and hope for a win. 

“Like we have done in previous by-elections, I am hopeful for a clear win,” Seninde said.

Seninde acknowledged that there have been some controversies in the NRM camp, but appreciated the people of Dokolo for displaying maturity amidst confusion. 

“Misunderstandings and disagreements are not a new thing in our party. 

I promise that our deliberate and clear strategies will aid us to maneuver. Once we mobilize well, we shall definitely win,” Hon. Seninde said.

The NRM publicity for Dokolo district Sammy Ogwang ,said that as a party in power, they hope to cooperate with Adongo in the implementation of his promises to uplift the social well-being of the communities of Dokolo. 

“NRM is one. We are united, strong, and determined to achieve all our plans. All we require is your support,” Ogwang said.

Day one election nomination have seen Jenet Adongo Elau NRM candidate nominated at 9am ,  Dr Ester Obote independent candidate 10 am, Sarah Aguti Nyankori of UPC 11 am , Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal FDC candidate 12 pm and Dr Lalam Grace Hanna Atine independent at 3pm.

Second day only two candidates shall be nominated and they include_

Rebecca Arao independent candidate and  Iryne Amongi Ajwika 

Official campaigns for all candidates will commence  on Wednesday March 13th, and voting will be on March 21st.